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From the very beginning introducing with 7th Art, people remain curious for more new things and stuffs from the movie industry. It’s not just about especially movie role or actor’s talent and experience of acting, but through the time, developing special effects on the movie. The special advents on the movie have its aim. They offer a vivid and lively adventure and experience, guiding from the first to the last scene. The new experience to the auditory and showplaces has become a primate in movie land, and gain a new loyalty to the public.

The great role in developing of the film art certainly has cinemas. At firstly, the cinemas in 20th century played the main role of popularization. By their opening people has gained habit and routine, not just to watch the movies, but also to making friendships among, relationships, socialize to each other, and gaining a culture of association...Read More

Empathy Statements For Customer Service Representatives

The main objective of the customer service department in any firm is to offer quality customer service, and this includes treating a customer well even when it is obvious that the customer is wrong. The best way a customer service representative can treat an angry customer well is to first put himself in the shoe of the offended customer. At this point, the words said to the customer are not just causal words that have no effect but such that is able to calm the aggrieved customer, as the customer service representative is now able to empathize with the customer.

A customer that has a bad experience with a firm often wants to be listened to and understood. If the action of the customer service representative is such that he has prejudge the unsatisfied customer as wrong, then no words spoken to placate this customer will amount to anything. It is therefore important that the customer’s complaints or displeasure is well listened to and his point understood. The job of the representative is never to prove to the customer that he is wrong but to see things at least from the view of the aggrieved customer.

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Every customer service provider must therefore be sufficiently trained on emotional control so as to be able to keep calm when under provocation by an angry customer. He must be able to quietly listen to the complaint of an aggrieved customer without interrupting, show genuine respect to the customer and the customer’s point of view, and sincerely empathize with the customer. This sincere sympathy and emotional control of the customer service representative will eventually calm the rude customer down and cause him to change his tone.

For example when confronted with a rude customer, who shout on top of his voice, the representative could say words such as “Sir, I equally experienced what you complain about, it could be very frustrating. I perfectly understand how you feel”; or, “I tender our sincere apology for what happened, I will make sure your complaint is forwarded to the right authorities”; another one is “we have you best interest at heart in our company, I’m deeply sorry for the experience you have”.


It is important to note that an angry customer just want to know he is not alone in how he feels, he wants majorly sympathy; and once he sees that he has been truly sympathized with by the service provider, he tone changes, even if his complaint was not addressed immediately.

Therefore, statements such as mentioned above, often placate an angry customer and made him have a sense that he was not wrong after all. Thing singular act of emotional control by the customer service representative can make the angry customer satisfied and make him want to keep trading with the firm as everyone wants to go where he is treated well.

A Short Article On Technology

The advent of technology has indeed made the world a “small village”. The way we live our everyday life has actually been greatly influenced by technology. From communication to education to business and to every other thing done on the earth, technology had affected. We really cannot imagine a world with technology again. What will actually take days to do before can now be done in seconds. Materials that would take up to a room to store can now be stored on a mobile phone. We can convincingly say technology has change the world.

Imagine being in Tokyo, Japan and desirous to send a message across to London, some decades ago, this could have taken days to do or even weeks depending on the means of transportation taken (air or sea). But today a simple phone or text message would get the job done, within seconds. This was unimaginable few decades ago.

Information that no one had access to before could now be got just with a press of the keyboard button. Today if anyone one is uncertain about any information or need further clarification, just typing what is need with the keyboard and pressing enter ends the uncertainty.

There are search sites with answers to almost anything you want to know. Technology has great reduced communication time and literarily brings the world to one’s feet.

However, there is a school of thought who are of the opinion that the speed at with technological development is going today is needs to be slowed down. Some opined that technological development had greatly affected of privacy as almost anything put on the internet can be viewed by anyone who wishes to.  As sound as these arguments may be, the way and manner people use technology is not likely to change any time soon. 

In fact what we see today are blogs where people now share anything they want with the rest of the world. Blogs have provided the platform for individuals to reach the rest of the world either with personal message or information regarding their products or services. Also, businesses have now taken the advantage of the internet to bring to the awareness of the public what they offer in terms of product or services.  

Even some businesses have been mainly built on internet. Most businesses today can also be accessible on the internet through their websites. The fact of technological development today is that businesses have to grow as technology advances as failure to do this might mean be overtaken by competitors.

On the whole, as times go, it will become clear where this technology revolution will land, and whether the fears expressed in some quarters are justified.

Meanwhile, now that we still have these technology, it is good that we take the advantage it offers and make a good use of it, remembering that both our personal life and businesses can have a huge benefit from this technological development.






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