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The history has it that the Europeans conquered the Americans some centuries ago. However, this conquest was made possible by some vulnerabilities observed in the Native Americans. Some of these vulnerabilities are discussed below:

Lack Of Organization

It was observed that as at the time the Europeans arrived at the shore of the Americans, the Native Americans were greatly lacking in organization and cohesion among their tribes. A lot of competition was on going among the tribes of the Americans as at that time. Both land and food were the two factors causing daily conflict and wars among the Native Americans.

Low Level Of Technology

The Native Americans, were predominantly hunters, fishermen, and farmer, but never developed the skill required to use copper and therefore suffered from inadequacy of the technology they need to go to war against the Europeans. The types of items possessed by the Europeans who came to the shore of the Native Americans, suggested that the Europeans were more technologically advanced as at the time. The Native Americans found amusing items such as their steel knifes, copper kettle, mirrors and the likes, items which were alien to the everyday use of the Americans. It was these same items of superior technology development that the Europeans used to wage war against the Native Americans.

Vulnerability To Diseases

After the Europeans landed on the shore of the Americans, there was a spread of some European diseases which were hitherto unheard of among the Americans. Since the Native Americans have very little immunity against many of these diseases, many of them became victims and not a few lives were lost to these European diseases such as: smallpox, yellow fever, measles and cholera. The effect of these diseases where so severe that at times a whole village could be totally wiped off.

The Europeans on the other hand have developed immunity to these diseases because many of the diseases were from the domesticated animals; and because the Europeans due to their higher level of development social order, had domesticated many of these animal and thereby have high immunity against these diseases. 

Difference In Beliefs

The wipe gap in the beliefs of the Native Americans and the Europeans visitors created another avenue of the Europeans to exploit and take advantage of the Americans. The belief about nature among others was one area where there was a huge difference between these two groups. The Americans see nature as something to be admired and cherished as against the belief of the European that nature was just another obstruction. The Europeans became exceedingly greedy and disrespected items such as land that the Native American valued greatly. To add to this, the arrogance displayed by the Europeans made it explicitly clear to the Americans that they cannot co-exist with the Europeans. It is the combination of these factors and some other ones that made the Native Americans vulnerable to the Europeans who came to their land.  







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