Best gaming laptop 2019: our top laptops for gaming

So, are you free at five in the evening? Yes, to play football. Even cricket is fine. Done, at five, my place. Don’t forget to bring your charger this time. Yeah, playgrounds of the bygone’s age have been replaced expeditiously with desktops and laptops. Buying “the” perfect gaming laptop seems to be a herculean task. An ideal one must suffice both- weigh lighter than feather and must be endowed with an excellent battery life. To find such a chef-d'oeuvre was a problem year back. Now the botheration is different. There are a ton of great options of Affordable & Top quality laptops from different brands for business people. So, how do you decide what to buy? First, figure out how much you can expend. There are plenty of alternatives for an astute buyer. The following heads need to be taken into consideration while purchasing a gaming laptop.


The display screen must be large enough so that you don’t compromise on the colour quality and image clarity. The bigger the screen, the better is the gaming experience. Nevertheless, in any economical gaming laptop, a 15-inch screen is a must. One must choose from laptops with HD and WUXGA graphics.


You cannot have a wonderful gaming experience with a gaming laptop without HD sound quality.


The dual-core processor is really good for gaming. But gaming laptops running on quad-core processor aids in playing high-resolution games. A processing speed between 2.5 GHz to 3 GHz is preferable.

Graphics Card  

There is a thumb rule while purchasing a gaming laptop that says your laptop must axiomatically have some ostentatious graphics card so that you can enjoy gaming without any performance issues. You should also check the quality of video RAM that your system offers. The laptop should provide you with a minimum of 512MB video RAM. Some laptops even brandish 3 GPUs thereby promising you the best possible gaming escapade.

Hard Drive

Computer games consume a hell lot of space. One must go for hard drives that offer 320GB space. These days affordable hard drives flood the market. By spending a few extra bucks, you can purchase a 1TB drive. The speed of the hard drive is also imperative. It is usually advisable to go for 7200 RPM drives rather than going for a5400 RPM drives...